Estate Sales

If it was important to you, it is worth Restoring!

Benefits of
choosing us.

  • 31% commission of gross sales, 4% lower than the market average, with NO out of pocket fees.
  • Staff classically trained in fine art and antique restoration. We have the experience required to identify the real value of antiques and make minor repairs on-site to maximize your profit.
  • Included extensive multi-platform advertising for your individual sale, unlike any other company in the metroplex. 
  • We offer a flat fee haul-off post-sale if the client needs the house cleared quickly and efficiently. 
  • Lowest minimum sale price in the metroplex
  • Don’t throw away maximum value- consignment through our antique restoration company storefront offered for higher ticket price items.
  • House staged according to the best possible layout by our staff with an interior design background. 
  • Knowledgeable and friendly staff make the experience lively and fun for shoppers.
  • Hands-off, stress-free transition. Let us do the heavy lifting for you- especially during a difficult time for your family.
  • Sales begin as soon as a same-month.
How it works

1. We’ll come to meet with you and survey the total approximate value of the estate that needs to be liquidated.

2. Family takes whatever sentimental items they’d like to keep.

3. From here- your life gets easy surrounding the sale. We’ll handle everything from here until the end.

4. We ask that the family allow us to do our job to make the liquidation as seamless and effective as possible, by taking a step back during the sale.

5. The family receives their portion of the profits within two days after the completion of the sale.

6. If desired, we’ll haul-off the remainder of items to a charity of your choosing for a low minimum price out of your percentage of profits. No upfront or out of pocket expenses of any kind!

why not do the
sale myself?

  • Experience and data show that your 69% of profits will well exceed a less successful personal sale.
  • Existing presence and paid advertising by our company guarantee the best possible turnout and gross sale price.
  • The average individual has limited access to the standards for advertisement and sale listing. We also automatically list your sale to an email list of thousands of potential buyers in your area.
  • Stress and time consumption can be difficult during an already potentially sad time for your family.

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